Final Accounts / Year End Accounting

While the decision making process is the toughest part in any business, our precise, relevant, latest and timely financial reports on vital information like organization’s current economic situation, margins, constraints, capital budgeting, trends and forecasting, valuation and product costing, performance indicators, up to date financial information etc help business leaders to drive decision-making and assist management in the formulation and implementation of organization’s strategy.

The basic function of management accounting service is to help the internal management make strategic decisions. There is no fixed structure or format for it. We make sure the service is tailored as per your business requirements and serve its purpose of improving the quality of managerial decisions and strategize the upcoming activities of the organization. We have extensive experience in wide range of industries and know how to capture and present financial performance information that is trend based and accurate to your specific industry.

It provides you with charts, tables, forecasts and various such information to analyze and advice to formulate business strategies in order to drive sustainable business success. Our management accounts service includes:

  • Income Statement

It shows a company’s revenues and expenses over a period of time to get the company’s profit or loss

  • Balance Sheet

A snapshot of a company’s financial condition at a point in time

  • Cash Flow Statement

It represent how the company’s operating, investing, and financing activities affected the cash account during the fiscal period and analyze the financial health of a company over a period of time


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